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Hello | Bonjour | Howdy 

Foster and Ozzy launched July 2022 after Emmah Leu spent 2 years dreaming up the brand. In 2016, Emmah created a company, Mauvorney, that served as an outlet for all things photography, fashion, & design. She launched a photography ambassador program, designed a complete digital magazine, & worked as a photographer. With her zeal for fashion, marketing, & photography, she aspired to create a boutique where she could make every customer feel special & happy. The name Foster and Ozzy was inspired by two muses. Foster represents the West Coast: the artsy, authentic, & free-spirited woman. Ozzy represents the East coast: the zealous, confident, & innovative woman. The styles of these muses merge to create a look that is effortlessly elegant, feminine, & confident. As a student at Indiana University pursuing Marketing and Media, she is eager to grow this business towards success, inspire fellow girlbosses, & bring a unique shopping experience to her customers- xoxo.


Artsy | Authentic | Free-Spirited 

Foster is inspired by the desires to run through a field of wildflowers, to create art, & to explore the outdoors. Foster is the feeling that encapsulates you as you listen to the songs by the Lumineers, Mt. Joy, or Alabama Shakes. Foster is the woman who embraces the uncertainty, surrounds herself with people who lift her higher, & believes the world is boundless. 


Zealous | Confident | Innovative 

Ozzy is inspired by the elegance of Jackie O., the confidence of Elle Woods, the fierceness of Anna Wintour, & the persistence of Blair Waldorf. Ozzy takes advantage of all opportunities and is the woman who empowers other women to create the lives of their dreams. Ozzy is the woman who walks into a room and influences the energy. 

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